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Product information "Anesthetic ointment TKTX Green 40% 10g"

TKTX® is still the favorite and one of the most sold of the entire line of anesthetic ointments in the world. This is due to its great anesthetic power combined with fast occlusion, which is super indicated for micropigmentation, tattoo, waxing and many others.

With the improved formula we can say that the Green Ointment is the latest launch of TKTX's efficient line of Anesthetic Ointments.

With a concentration factor of 40%, the numbing effect has an average duration of 3 to 6 hours, which can be slightly more or slightly less depending on the skin type.


Cream can be used for:

Permanent makeup
Cosmetic tattoos
Body piercing
Laser/remove tattoos
Hair removal methods
Lip fillers
How to use:

Clean the skin with soap and water. Make sure the skin is dried off afterwards.
Apply the ointment in a thick layer. Better a little too much than too little.
Cover the skin with plastic cling film.
Wait 60 minutes for the numbing effect to take effect.
Remove the cling film and wipe off the ointment with a clean cloth.
You are now ready to undergo your treatment painlessly!
Store above 0°C and below 30°C.
For external use only
Avoid cream in the eyes
Keep out of reach of children.

Not suitable for some people with heart disease, high blood pressure, pregnancy and/or breastfeeding, ingredient allergies, thyroid disease, diabetes, depression, or difficulty urinating due to enlargement of the prostate gland.